International commodity broking

Each customer has different business needs and it is a challenge to us to meet them. International markets have their own set of rules different from the domestic market thus our clients are instructed on how to build a stable position abroad from the very beginning of our cooperation. We provide them with comprehensive advisory support, build partner network and provide brokerage and agency services.

Brokerage Services in International Trade

Very often, despite impressive potential, a company does not opt for risky market activities. Clients more and more frequently look for domestic business partners (but not only) to penetrate a new market. What largely determines the success of expansion into unknown markets is an extensive network of contacts, which is not easy to make in a new country. It is also true that sometimes new solutions need to be sought in the markets that we already know.

Comprehensive Support Programmes

Entering new markets frequently requires new skills and knowledge which increase the company’s effectiveness. Market expansion requires not only the knowledge of the new market but also employees’ and managers’ expertise in a new, often exotic, market. If you are considering entering a new market but you are not certain whether your team is ready for watershed decisions, perhaps it is worth considering our offer.

International Agency Services

Comprehensive approach to business is more efficient and less time consuming. Opening to new markets is just one of the many steps to succeed in trading. A full market analysis, marketing, finding a business partner, negotiating contracts, establishing sales channels, monitoring logistic processes – these are some of the elements that make it possible not only to enter a new market but also to stay longer in it.

Construction of Distribution Network

Construction of distribution network is always an important part of the corporate strategy of a company operating in an international market. The key issue is to determine the company’s goal. Is it solely to increase profits? Or perhaps building a brand? Or maybe a territorial expansion? It is not easy to achieve all the objectives simultaneously. An important element in building distribution network is trust . . . unfortunately it is one of the rarest but most desirable qualities in business.


These are the three pillars of our activity. To find out more read the catalogues.

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